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What we offer for you?

Exterior Home Painting or Staining?

A fresh coat of paint can extend the appeal and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Therefore, our broad range of exterior painting services covers anything from a preventive touch-up to a new painting service for your new home or business.

Full-Service Painting Company

Drywall Painting
and Repairs

Kitchen and
Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Repair
and Refinishing

Door and
Windows Trims


Interior Wall


Over 5 Years
Of Experience

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Interior Painting Services

Ibarra’s Painting & Construction is an expert in interior painting techniques for any surface.

We will only use durable and quality paints and materials to ensure that we get long term results while we make it as cost effective as possible for you.


Additional Detail Service

Whether you need assembly, creation, building, installation or any carpentry project related needs, our home improvement professionals are expert carpenters and furniture builders. 

We can install and build fireplaces, cabinets, bookcases, custom cabinets and mantels for any room, wood countertops, crown molding, shelving units, and much more.

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